June 4, 2020
Apeda Registration

How To Get APEDA Registration?

What is APEDA?

APEDA was established by Government of India under Agriculture & processed food product export development authority act, 1985 passed by parliament. APEDA act came into force in 1986.

APEDA has its presence in almost all agriculture rich states of India and has been providing service from his Head office (HO) which is located in New Delhi, 5 Regional offices (RO) & 13 Virtual offices (VO).

What are the functions of APEDA?

  • Development of agriculture related Industries: By way of providing financial assistance, surveys, research studies, reliefs or subsidy schemes etc.
  • Registration: Export registration on payment of required fees.
  • Setting quality standards of the product for exports.
  • Carrying out inspection.
  • Training & development of industrial personnel.
  • Packaging and marketing of scheduled products.

What are various product monitored by APEDA?

  • Fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, dairy, biscuits, honey, jaggery, cereal, groundnuts, peanuts etc. and various products associated with it.


As per section 12 of APEDA act, 1985 every person exporting one or more scheduled products shall opt for APEDA registration, before the expiry of one month from the date on which he undertakes such exports or before the expiry of three months from the date this act came into force, whichever is later. The act has given the authority to extend duration of APEDA registration whenever it thinks fit.

  1. Go to APEDA registration website.Apeda Registration 
  2. Tap on “Register as member” icon.
  3. Fill the basic details IE Code, name of the company, Email ID & contact no.
  4. An OTP will be send to your Email ID & registered number; the exporter need to first verify both of them separately.
  5. Once verification is done, the exporter will be required to fill the application form and upload the necessary documents. {Note: the documents should be in JPEG/JPG/PDF/PNG format}
  6. Exporter can save the information and fill the application form later & edit the filled data until online payment is not made.
  7. APEDA registration fees of INR 5000 + GST @18% should be paid through any of the following modes:
  8. Online mode: credit/debit card
  9. Offline mode: Demand draft in favor of “APEDA”
  10. Application number is generated once the payment is made, which must be noted down for future reference.
  11. Login details will be sent to the registered Email ID & Contact number which will give access to their account through “Export login”
  12. Exporter can view the status of the application by clicking “Track Application” icon.
  13. In case of any missing information in the application form, the export will need to resubmit the form online.


  1. Self-attested copy of IE Code issued by Directorate general of free trade.
  2. Bank certificate
  3. In case individual wants to register as “manufacture exporter” then it must be referred to respective ministries/agency.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get APEDA Registration?

  1. Documents Required For Apeda Registration:

    1- Identity proof of your business
    2 – Address proof of your business
    3 – A bank certificate in a specified format is required
    4 – List of Directors/partners as applicable
    5 – A canceled cheque of the business bank account
    6 – Description of the products being exported
    7 – The period for which you need Apeda License

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